Some Tips of Avoiding Commercial Fraud

 1st Do NEVER transfer the payment to any other bank account except Zhejiang OMOW Industrial Co., Ltd bank account as beneficiary. Especially the personal bank account.



2nd Please do ONLY contact us with our corporation mailbox (XXXX@OMOW.CN).



3rd Be careful the phishing mail. Do NEVER log on your mailbox to any link sent in any mail. Always keep your password private.



4th Be more careful if someone quoted an irresistible price, which is much lower than prices you received from other suppliers.



5th If there is anything doubtful, please feel free to call us 0086-579-8764 7186 or mail to



6th If you were scammed unfortunately, here is a successful case:

1) Report to internet police to get the accurate IP address of scammer;

2) Report to the embassy or Foreign-related institutions of the scammer located country in your location; ask them to report to police and beneficiary bank in their country;

3) Keep calling the beneficiary bank and report full details, ask them to monitoring the bank account of scammer, express them the letter of authorization if they required;

4) Ask your remitting bank to send a telegram to beneficiary bank, ask for rescind the transfer;

5) Report to the police of scammer location if possible.





Zhejiang OMOW Industrial Co., Ltd



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