Talking about the types and characteristics of the four-stroke motorcycle engines

As we all know , the engine is the heart of a motorcycle . When you discuss the performance of a motorcycle , the topic will be discussed to the engine . This is because people in the process of driving the motorcycle , always feel the vibrations directly to the flesh , the sound of the engine and exhaust heat during exercise . As the weight of the heaviest motorcycle engine component , its weight and center of gravity will directly affect the occupants of control fun . The key fact, the direct impact on occupants manipulation engine layout is fun , a variety of cylinder layout charmed countless fans , this is the car can not. Of course, there is also a sensitive issue construction costs . This paper will discuss the four-stroke engine cylinder arrangement , advantages and disadvantages , and we are generally concerned about some of the hot topics .
A single- cylinder
Is the basic starting point for all single-cylinder engine , the arrangement of the invention is also used when the motorcycle engine . Arrangement of different types of engines are made ​​by a different number of single cylinder . Require two rotations of the crank will burn acting once, poor fluidity work , the driver will feel the vibration of the piston clearly down movement within the cylinder . On the surface , the performance is a drawback , but on subjective feelings , but some fans prefer this feeling.
Advantages : cheap, simple shapes , small wind resistance and dimensions . Due to the shorter length of the crank shaft and the engine narrower cylinder is low, tilted in favor of turning the engine provides brisk ride experience for the occupants . In addition, single-cylinder engine is also more fuel efficient than the multi-cylinder engines.
Disadvantages: combustion efficiency increases as the combustion chamber volume continued to decline. With larger displacement , the larger the engine piston , its weight also increases, resulting in high speed can not be designed to limit the power output. Single-cylinder engine is common in small displacement ( generally not more than 125ml) was on a motorcycle or in a variety of compact cars .
Second, the parallel ( parallel ) twin
In simple terms , the parallel two -cylinder engine can be imagined as a single cylinder engine connected to a crankshaft 180o . When a piston at the top dead center , the other piston at the next stop position ( except for the few engines such as Honda CD250 ) . Because of the inertia of the two cylinder piston moves up and down almost offset each other , so the shock caused by moving parts than the single-cylinder small.
Advantages : displacement in the same condition , the combustion rate is better than the single -cylinder engine , the engine parts are by weight and small volume , high speed conducive for the power to play the carburetor and the intake pipe layout is simple .
Disadvantages: due to increased number of cylinders , the corresponding number of parts of the crankshaft , cylinders, pistons , piston rings, piston pins, etc. will increase. In addition, single-cylinder machines like structure than carburetors, cylinder head , crankshaft, intake and exhaust systems , and other special parts of more complex , which undoubtedly makes the manufacturing cost will be much higher than the twin -cylinder machine machine , and because the number of parts the increase will result in an increase in engine failure points , plus increasing the balance adjustment cylinder machine , so maintenance is more complicated.
Three , V -twin
Cylinders arranged in a V -type engine , you can talk about from simple V2 engine . Different cylinder V-angle , the engine can produce great changes. The smaller the angle , the less work smoothly , which is the source of the American cruiser create strong sense of rhythm .
Advantages : make a link to the layout are installed on the same crank pin , reducing the length of the crankshaft , the engine tends to reduce the volume and make it lightweight, lightweight and create steering characteristics. Work degree V2 engine is generally smooth 90o angle to most smooth, so the high-performance V-engine sports car and more to 90o angle layout. Because the V -angle can be placed inside the open space carburetor and other accessories, the type of V -type cylinder axially offset from each other to the running operation of the vibration generated by vertical movement of the piston , which is above the engine rotational speed 10000r/min , this program is very high.


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