On the off-road motorcycle driving skills

Want a good driving off-road motorcycles, will have to face a sharp turn , bumpy, slippery , vacated and other possible cases , in these cases it is easy to lose balance . To maintain balance , the driver must be timely adoption sitting, squat driving position . Sitting generally straight , turn, slip adopted because squat more demanding when it should try to be able to save your energy savings . Either posture , legs Always grip the sides of the vehicle , unless it is necessary to support the legs stretched out , or to keep the balance in the air to do difficult tricks. Driving position is a prerequisite to master other skills , but also the basic content.
Motocross can have a certain slope down the slopes , but there are many drivers think that doing nothing is difficult , in fact , this idea is very unrealistic , often because of immature technologies and setbacks . But the exercise should be repeated in accordance with the scientific method can master this technology to drive off-road motorcycles .
Uphill body weight should be to move forward , upper body prone on the handlebars to prevent the front wheel lifted , keeping in mind the proper direction to pull back the waist, increase the load on the rear wheels to prevent wheel slippage , so bang uphill top, and without any pause, we must strive to stick to the end , where faith to the end is very important . When the top of the hill motocross arrival should quickly bent legs, while decelerating .
Should try to slow down when driving downhill . After the brake brakes should be based, as previously brake assist .
Downhill arms and legs must be straight, waist pull back as far as possible , the center of gravity backward. Occurs when the front vehicle to avoid obstacles forward. At the same time minimize twisting the handlebars , but also bang downhill, so you can maximize avoid rollovers , smooth downhill .


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