Motorcycle Cylinder Head Maintenance Tips

Mini motorcycle driving after a certain time, we must carefully remove the cylinder head combustion chamber surrounding the valve seat, exhaust tract coke. Clear coke combustion chamber can be whittled with a bamboo spatula removal of the exhaust tract screwdriver to remove coke, do not scratch the combustion chamber wall, the wall face and the exhaust valve seat track. After the elimination of coke, with clean gasoline or kerosene to clean, then wipe with a clean soft cloth and re-assembled. 
Mainly by air-cooled engine heat fins on the cylinder head and cylinder dissemination, as without these heat sinks, the engine will not work properly due to overheating. Therefore, the heat sink must be kept intact, clean, and when the mini-motorcycles should be washed after a certain period of time, especially after a rainy day mini motorcycle, be sure to rinse.


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